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2023-24 school year

Sem 2:

              First day of school: February 5, 2024

              Last day of school year: – June 28, 2024

2024-25 school year

Sem 1:

              Arrival dates (suggested): – August 25-27, 2024  (students staying with CHN can arrive as early as August 25th without additional charges)

              Orientation days: August 28-30, 2024 (Wednesday – Friday) Orientation is mandatory.

              First day of school: September 3, 2024

              Last day of sem 1: January 31, 2025

              Last day of school year: – June 27, 2025

Sem 2:

              Arrival dates (suggested): January 26-29, 2025 Students staying with CHN can arrive as early as January 25th without additional charges.

              Orientation days: January 30-31, 2025 (Thursday – Friday) Orientation is mandatory

              First day of school: February 3, 2025

              Last day of school year: – June 27, 2025

Departure: students can depart as early as June 27th, 2025 or on or before July 1st.

IMPORTANT: Starting 2024-25 school year attending Orientation in Simcoe is mandatory– we have noticed that students who attend our Orientation have a much smoother transition to the new school in the new country. It is during the Orientation that students meet with the Guidance counselor to discuss the timetable and make desired changes. Students get a school tour which makes the transition into the new school environment much smoother, and students don’t feel lost on the first day of classes. Besides, they get to meet and connect with other international and local students and build much needed peer support groups. We can’t stress enough the importance of orientation. Even though we understand that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that make it hard to attend Orientation, however, we hope that, as a rule, every effort will be made for students to attend Orentation.