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The Simcoe County District School Board (SCDSB) school year begins in September and ends in June. International students can begin their studies in either September (first semester) or February (second semester).

It is in the best interest of the student to submit his or her application as early as possible. International students must apply directly to the SCDSB International Student Program or through an authorized agency abroad. As a guideline, it is recommended that students begin the application process five months before the start of their program in order to ensure that they have enough time to obtain a study permit – the processing time for study permits varies between countries.

Placement in a SCDSB secondary school is based on the evaluation of the student’s academic standing and the availability of space. International students applying must have a minimum academic average of 65% and must maintain this minimum average throughout their attendance at a SCDSB school.

All applications are submitted online via True North.

Before you start online application, please gather digital copies of the following documents as you will need to upload them to your application:

  • Valid Passport – Photocopy of students current up-to-date passport. Photocopy passport sections on to 1-page if possible (for example section that shows picture, expiry date, country of birth and country of citizenship – all visible on one page only. Please ensure the photocopied document is legible as some photocopies are either too dark/light and we therefore cannot accept them.
  • Official copies of school transcripts with grades translated in ENGLISH for current year, plus past 2 years.
  • Immunization Record (photocopy) – Please include any medical notes related to special health conditions if applicable in English.
  • Field Trip Consent Forms (must be completed electronically – blank forms will not be accepted)

Homestay – provided by Canada Homestay Network (CHN)

If you require homestay – it is provided by Canada Homestay Network and the application for homestay is part of the True North application.  Make sure you click “need homestay” to proceed to the homestay part of application.

Independent Homestay Placement – You have secured your own host family placement and indicated the information in the True North application providing local contact (name, address and contact information). This will determine the school student will attend.

Non CHN homestay applicants –Medical Insurance in the amount of at least $2 million liability for the duration of your stay in Canada. Extremely Important – you must include all pages of the insurance policy (usually 4 or 5 pages) so that liability coverage and effective dates may be confirmed by Simcoe County District School Board. Please make sure you submit a copy of the policy prior to your arrival to Simcoe.


Once the application has been submitted in True North, we will review it and if accepted you will receive a Statement of Fee which will include application fee, tuition fee and homestay (if applicable).

Extremely important: … (all wire transfers must indicate the legal name of the student. Last name shown first in caps, then first name (SMITH, John). If the student name is not shown as indicated on the wire transfer bank document, it may create a delay in the application process.

Once the payment has been received, we will issue a Letter of Acceptance (needed for study visa application) and Custodianship Declaration form from CHN (needed for study visa application.

Once you have received study permit for the student please email it to and start planning the flights! Bon voyage! We look forward to welcoming you in Simcoe!



Apply to the nearest Canadian visa office for study permit. You will be required to submit the letter of acceptance, the receipt for fees paid and all other documents required by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. For more information on how to apply fora study permit and for the nearest Canadian visa office, please go to

Upon receipt of a study permit, please make arrangements to arrive Canada one week prior to the commencement of classes in order to participate in Orientation Program and meet with your designated guidance counselor.