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The International Student Program is nothing short of amazing.

“It is a great opportunity for our students to connect with students from across the world in a setting where they are all very comfortable. On the days when our visitors set up cultural displays and exhibits, it is fun to watch our students try the games and activities, attempt to speak the language and truly embrace the “new” cultural experience. The program is rewarding in so many ways. What a great way to invite the world into our schools.”

Mike Abram, Principal, Bear Creek Secondary School

Student Experience
“From the day I first met family was really kind. Caring for me… taking me to the shops [I} felt the hospitality of Canada.”

International Student 2014/15

“Thanks to the host family who have welcomed me… I felt strongly that [they were] willing to treat [me] as part of the family…[I am] convinced that the host family that I have met is the best host family definitely.”

International Student 2014/15 

“It was an incredible experience. I learned so much about life, people, me. I saw so much and met lots of awesome people, who I will never forget. If I could live these past months one more time… I would.”

International Student 2011/2012